Seed and Grain sampling

It is essential that samples are representative of the seed lot or grain bulk and contain enough seed for the actual test.  To take a representative sample select a number of small samples from different parts of the bulk and mix together to form a true representation of the seed or grain quality.

The results of a test refers to the analysis performed on the material received. Their relationship to the composition of the original bulk will depend on the sampling procedures employed.

A separate sample is required for each test unless they are part of a package.

Please send the recommended minimum weight of seed for each test.

Samples for moisture content must be enclosed within a moisture proof bag or container.

All samples should be clearly labelled with your name, address, telephone number, variety, Reference No. & the test(s) required.

Use a suitable bag for submitting each sample. We can supply sample bags suitable for sending samples by post.

Samples will be retained for 2 months from the test date.